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We are looking for fantastic staff - devoted, wholehearted, and fun. You will be highly lovable, well-groomed, attitude-free, and totally devoted to giving our customers the best experience that there is.

We positively encourage individuality, and will embrace your quirks and peculiarities - after all, that's what makes you a unique, one-of-a-kind human being. All manner of folks are welcome; unusual hair colour, rings, piercings, tattoos and different body types are all fine. We want you to shine fully, wonderful just as you are.

You will always start above minimum wage, and your pay will get better with training and WOW.

We will of course need to see you in action and, assuming your interview is successful, we will invite you to join us for a Taster Day. It will give you a chance to show your sparkle and also give you a taste of what working with us may be like :)

Whatever your role, we recruit for "mmm" and your ability to provide such.