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We like to spread the word about good things that we come across, support local, regional and global education and well-being initiatives and, quite simply, help to connect people.

We have a resource bookshelf in the cafe, and a selection of relationship, well-being and food & drink titles for people to buy or read while with us.

There is also a “naughty drawer” of erotica and sex education books and materials at Coffee, Cake & Kisses (out of sight but accessible to anyone who asks).

If you have any books on any of the above subjects that you no longer need, but feel are of value, feel free to bring them in and pop them on our shelf for all to enjoy and learn from.

Last but by no means least, we hold classes, workshops and socials on anything from baking to a transgender families / partners group to “risk assessment in relationships.” Check out our Events section for details.