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We can organise and cater for your event - as per other sections - or we can let you have our floor, equipment, the lot, for whatever you happen to need it for.

We do so regularly, for filming, castings, presentations or supper clubs.

In terms of seating, we have several side tables as well as two large islands that can be used separately or put together as you please (moving them around is a breeze thanks to opera stage bearings incorporated in the design). This flexible set-up allows us to accommodate circa 25 seated (up to 60 standing).

The whole space is flexible, suitable for a variety of uses, and can quickly morph and change based on the needs of our guests. We are a step-free, fully accessible venue, with seating designed so as to fully accommodate wheelchairs.

Central W1 London location and excellent transport links (including six tube lines).

Other key venue features:

  • Flexible, adjustable lighting (some of it can also move up and down).
  • Privacy screen across the front section of the store.
  • A separate prep / changing area downstairs.
  • Own music welcome (via our sound system).
  • Projectors, flip-charts, screens welcome (or can often be arranged).

In the future, we hope to expand usable space to the lower ground (designed as a coffee/art lounge), which will not only provide a closed-off private space but also more than double our capacity.

“The main space is flexible, with movable central islands which are designed to fit wheelchairs underneath.  Such a feature shouldn't be unusual, but in this old, crumbly city, it is, and that in itself makes this place special.  But more than that, what I really appreciated was how the careful inclusiveness wasn't in-your-face or smug, just thoughtfully implemented throughout.  It wasn't loudly touted as a "disabled-friendly café" or something awful like that, it just subtly . . . was.”
RJ, via Yelp

"Filming at Coffee, Cake & Kisses was an absolute pleasure.
They made sure everything ran smoothly for us so we could concentrate on the work we had to do. Not only was the venue perfect for the look and feel of our film, we were fed and watered with wonderful foods and drink so all crew and cast had energy and enthusiasm for the day.
I would highly recommend CCK as a venue to hire for many different occasions -
they catered specifically for our needs and that personal touch went a very long way to making our time there a success!"

TY, Writer/Director of 'Spark (or the Advantages of Recording your Conversations)'