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In terms of the physical space, we are an artisan coffee house, dishing out delicious food and drink in homely surroundings. We are a kitchen, making our own food as well as offering the space for hire (read here about our parties, dinners and supper clubs. We are also an events space and a shop, with a small but fabulous selection of foods, books, gifts and cards.

Much of Coffee, Cake & Kisses is intangible, and rests within the sphere of connections, values and ideas - we are a social design space, both in terms of the positive change we hope to effect in this society of ours and in terms of actual physical design.

Our mission is to help people have better relationships with themselves and others and to explore all aspects of them, however challenging or unusual.

We are inclusive and welcoming of all genders, sexualities and lifestyles. We hope to help bring about the integration of the body, the heart and the mind (and indeed all aspects of us as human beings).

Open-kitchen food preparation and the lack of a traditional counter or obvious place to order removes the barrier - both mental and physical - between staff and customer, and allows for a far friendlier and more peaceful environment aimed at promoting genuine, sociable interaction.

We designed Coffee, Cake & Kisses from an accessibility perspective, with our wheelchair-bound friends trying everything out (even changing our premises at the last minute for no-step accessible ones). Uniquely on the high-street, provisions have been made for wheelchair-bound chefs, baristas and staff (wherever else might you see one?).

So, in addition to its physical form and day-to-day functioning, Coffee, Cake & Kisses is also an exercise in social - and sociable - design.