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You have enjoyed our lunch, coffee and cake…. Why not give our dinners a try?

With all of our kitchen and dining tables at your disposal, you will have exclusive use of Coffee, Cake & Kisses and our undivided attention.

The experience can range from fully catered-for or immersive, for those who would like a “hands-on” experience (enjoy making your desserts / brownies etc with our chefs, smell them baking during your dinner and oh, the thrill of your dessert popping out of the oven!)

Likewise, we can serve at table, or set up on the side, so all can help themselves to food as one would at home.

The style of cooking will be, up to a point, informed by your chosen event style. Informal self-serve diners often ask for homely comfort foods. We will be equally happy to step things up with lamb, salmon canapes, black truffle crisps and suchlike. There are no hard and fast rules on this, and we have several chefs available to match to your preferred cuisine and event style.

“ I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you and the team who looked after us so well on Saturday, everyone loved the space and the welcome. All the food that was served went down very well, everything I tasted was a delight. I even heard at least two OhMyGod!s for chocolate goo!“
David (30th Anniversary Dinner, Oct 2017)