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The social aspect of Coffee, Cake & Kisses is very close to our hearts.

Where does one hold the most tricky, and most rewarding, conversations if not in one’s kitchen?

In addition to all sorts of private and corporate events [link], evenings and weekends are for community meet-ups and socials. Age Concern, coffee lovers, bakers, kinksters, knitters, poets, LGBTQ communities… we have hosted them all, and more.

Where else might one discuss platonic love, while also learning about ars amandi? Where else might one welcome discussion of difficult topics while indulging in culinary delights? Like our resources, event themes roughly fall within food/drink and well-being/relationships categories, however this is fairly flexible and we are always open to new ideas.

Most community events are free and accessible to everyone, or otherwise very reasonably priced.

If you are a community events organiser looking for a space for your meet-up, see our Events section for more info and get in touch.

“I run a card gaming meetup and we decided to come to Coffee Cake and Kisses based on a member's recommendation. The cafe is nice, clean and bright with enough space for our members. It is also on a quiet side street, which makes it a nice get-away from the hustle of a main road.”
Via Google Reviews

“A change of venue for us from the usual spot so I was quite skeptical as to the new location in the beginning. However, much of that was lost as soon as we begun to sat down
Eric, via Yelp