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We believe that the time has come for people and the world to become whole, all the different aspects of us.

We wanted to bring you the place that aids the integration of the body, the heart and the mind. A comfortable, non-judgemental space for the exploration of all things carnal and cerebral, inclusive and welcoming of all genders, sexualities, relationship models and lifestyles.

The place that takes care of the body and its needs, and embraces it as a wonderful thing, to be enjoyed, celebrated and loved.

The place that brings joy to one’s heart and challenges the mind, bringing the three together at long last.

The place that is thoughtfully playful and fond of good times, but does not shy away from difficult questions that sometimes just need to be asked.

The place where people come together joyfully, without the need for labels and boxes; a truly integrated space to fully explore and celebrate all that we are.