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Supper Clubs

Guest chefs are welcome at Coffee, Cake & Kisses and we have everything needed to make them feel at home.

We have an ongoing collaboration with Club Grub and regularly host their supper clubs at Coffee, Cake & Kisses.

We are eager to support budding chefs and food entrepreneurs and so have developed an unusual supper clubs model where we invite prospective partners to quote what they feel would be a suitable price, fair on both you and us. This gets accepted or not based on what is requested of us and our bottom line. We find this frames our collaboration as an ethical, win-win one, where each party thinks of the interest of both self and other.

Please feel free to check out venue specification and contact us.

“I've used Coffee Cake & Kisses a few time now to host private dining events through my catering company That Hungry Chef. It's the ideal place for holding private events and there is a fully equipped kitchen which makes cooking and serving a breeze. The staff there are very friendly and helpful and I'll definitely be back to do more events.”
Pratap Chahal, That Hungry Chef