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We are somewhat fond of our coffee, as you may have gathered from the name.

Uniquely on the high street, we offer two types of coffee beans, Arabica and Robusta, side by side. Nowhere else, to the best of our knowledge, can one choose between a “smooth” (Arabica) and a “strong” (Robusta) drink (at roughly 1.6 times the caffeine content of the former).

We mean business and make all our espresso-based drinks with double shots (please ask if you would like yours single).

Additionally, we brew our coffee using a variety of methods, from espresso machine to cafetiere (French Press) to whatever we are currently experimenting with. Read more in our Coffee section (link), for all the coffee geeks.

We also sell coffee beans, which we can grind to your specification.

As for other drinks… Yes, we absolutely have tea, quite a selection, in fact, and all quality - explore them here as well as other delicious hot stuff. We also serve cold drinks of all kind, from freshly-made smoothies to juices to bottled bubblies.

We do not at this time serve alcohol (you can bring your own; corkage applies).

“Most impressively, their two grinders stock both Monmouth arabica and Black Sheep's more caffeine-heavy robusta beans. To the best of my knowledge, not even the snobbiest of hipster coffee shops offer a choice between the two. And the finished products? Delicious.
Should be considered amongst their highly-regarded [artisan] contemporaries.”
RJ, via Yelp