Welcome to Coffee Cake & Kisses

Do you like coffee? Do you like cake? Do you like kisses?

Talk about the perfect combo of good things in life! We are bringing it to the high street.

Eagerly anticipated by a wide community, Coffee, Cake & Kisses is a fusion of a cafe, a shop and an events space, with relationships and people at its heart. We are the place to build all kinds of relationships, and to explore all aspects of them. The cafe is accessible, inclusive and welcoming of all genders, sexualities, relationship models and lifestyles.

Our relationship-focused approach extends to our staff - we want them to have balance in their lives, with work as a fun, joyful and fulfilling part of it.

We are already at the heart of our very own community, with 454 backers pledging over £37K to help get things off the ground in a Kickstarter earlier this year. We made it to the top of London Kickstarter projects "By Magic" - number 1 out of 2,696 crowd-funding at the time!


All those lovely people - and new ones we have yet to meet - deserve the very best coffee, fabulous cake and food, and, clearly, the loveliest service around (kisses optional ;)

To this end, we are looking for fantastic staff - devoted, wholehearted, and fun.

You need to be highly lovable, of course: well-groomed, attitude-free, and totally devoted to giving our customers the best experience that there is.

You are welcome to your quirks and peculiarities - after all, that's what makes you a unique, one-of-a-kind human being. All manner of folks are welcome; unusual hair colour, rings, piercings, tattoos and different body types are all fine.

You will start above minimum wage, and your pay will get better with every stage of training you complete.

We recruit for "mmm" and your ability to provide such, in one way or another.

Stage One: Our straightforward application process, which should not take longer than 15-30 minutes to complete.

Stage Two: Assuming you meet the criteria, we will get back to you with any questions and/or to arrange an interview.

Stage Three (the final one!): We will of course need to see you in action, walking the walk. All being well, we will invite you to join us for a Taster Day. It's great for you, too - it gives you a chance to try your hand at what would become your daily routine, and a taste of what working with us may be like :)

The sky's the limit - you are joining us at an exciting time, when rapid and significant promotion opportunities exist for the right individuals.

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